Finally, you’ve launched your beauty business. As you’ve just entered this world, growing quickly may be tough. But, definitely it’s not impossible. However, you can give some perks to your clients to entice them. If you’re thinking about what kind of offers you can offer them, check this out.

Offers you can give to Grow your Beauty Business

Book One, Get Two at Half Price

Want to get appointments from new clients? Try this. As such, your clients can get two different treatments simultaneously. Furthermore, they just have to pay the price for only one treatment. This can heavily boost your chances of getting clients within a quick turnaround time. Once you start getting new clients, tell them in details about your services and how it can help them.

Start a ‘Refer a Friend’ Scheme

‘Refer a friend’ is the best way to get genuinely interest clients from your locality. If your clients are satisfied with your treatment, they’ll surely recommend your name to them. In this way, it can boost your beauty business quickly. To reward the scheme users, offer them some small beauty treatments for free.

Go for Social Media Promotion

Post about your offers, discounts, and services on various social media platforms. Encourage your audience to like and share them. With these social media marketing strategies you can increase the exposure of your beauty salon. To make the posts more interesting, you can begin a contest online. Choose your winner from people who have liked and shared this post. As a result, engagement rate of your posts will increase, impacting your business growth.

Offer Free Gifts on Treatments Bookings

An outstanding way to get some regular clients is to give them free gifts as soon as they book your beauty treatments. From them, you’ll get consistent income every week or month. Everyone loves to get something for free. Make sure your free gift is also related to your service. Try to buy the ‘free gifts’ in bulk so as to reduce your overall expense.

Consider Loyalty Card Scheme

Tell about this offer to all your new clients. Also, include your regular clients in the scheme. Instead of offering only free gifts to your clients, also invite them to your events or pampering evenings. This will add value to your clients. Furthermore, such schemes can help you to prevent your clients from getting attracted by other salons’ offers.

The Bottom Line

Alluring your prospective clients with these offers is a smart way to get permanent clients. Assistant Beauty Therapist can make their career successful by starting beauty business. However, your success greatly depends on the quality of your services. Actually, proper training is essential for securing your future with the course. Make sure you’re picking the right training centre. Or, feel free to have a look at the trainings we’re offering. To get more info, go to